Integrative Childbirth Services

Integrative Childbirth Services

"Bringing Knowledge and Compassion to YOU"

What clients and students are saying...

"The best decision I made for my second pregnancy was to hire Rená as my Doula.  I knew I wanted a VBAC but had many doubts and insecurities. her immense knowledge and access to resources was truly valuable and speaks volumes about her dedication to helping women with all things related to pregnancy... and YES! I had a successful VBAC."

- Vela family

"We love you.  You are amazing, we feel you are the Mother Earth, mother of all Doulas and we are honored to have had your guidance for all three births.  Your support was on spot; The birth(s) were Amazing!"

- Willard family


"Thank you Rená for being there physically and emotionally for us.  We valued your experience, especially with the delicate nature of my pregnancy.  The detail and respect you showed us will last forever."

- Honea family


"Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, knowledge and stories.  I have really enjoyed the training on so many levels and it is definitely what I needed in my journey as an aspiring Doula, a mothers and a woman."  "You are amazing!" "I really enjoyed Rená's style of teaching, she is humble about her knowledge and presents the information in a great way." 

- March 2012 Training