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CAPPA Labor Doula Training with Rená Koerner - register here

Register for your upcoming CAPPA Labor Doula Training course and start your new career supporting families.  Please make sure that you register and pay to secure your seat for the selected training.

*By submitting this registration form you agree to the following:


  • I understand that training tuition is $575 and must be paid in full prior to being able to attend. Fee only covers the 2-day workshop, training manual, binder of resources/sample products. Training fees also include a 1-year membership with CAPPA.   Fee does not include CAPPA Academy, CPR certification, books. 

  • For in-person trainings, daily snacks/drinks are provided, however, students with any special dietary restrictions should plan to bring their own food.  Instructor holds not liability for food allergies/reactions that students may have from food provided in the training.

  • I understand that there are no refunds for classes but I can transfer to another course with Rená within 12 months of the original course date with prior approval by paying a $50 transfer fee. If I fail to transfer to another training within 12 months and fail to pay the $50 transfer fee, I understand I will not receive any refunds for monies already paid to the instructor.   There are no refunds.

  • I understand that I must pay for my training in full at least 14 days before the training.

  • I understand that I should not make non-refundable travel reservations confirmation is received.

  • CAPPA and Rená do not assume liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come into contact with while at any CAPPA Event, Training.

  • There is a $50 RUSH materials fee for anyone who registers 7 days or less prior to training beginning.  If materials cannot be secured by instructor, student will be notified and transferred to a future date.


  • Indoor, in-person trainings will be kept to no more than 15-20 persons depending on venue.

  • In order for the students to hear the instructor clearly the instructor will not be wearing a mask during the training.

  • Group work will be encouraged.

  • Any student who feels they may be sick should transfer to another training date.  If it is apparent to the instructor that any student is ill during class, they will be asked to leave and attend a future training date.  There are no refunds.

  • Instructor holds no responsibility/liability for any illness(es) that may be spread during a training.  Again, students should NOT attend an in-person training if they are feeling ill or exhibiting any signs of illness.

As a participant of this training, I agree to allow Rená/CAPPA  to do the following:

  1. Publish my name, phone number, and email address for the trainee class list & referral list. 

  2. Take photographs and video of the training which may include me, as well as allow the trainer and CAPPA to use these photographs and video for promotional purposes online and in print.

  3. Use quotes from my training evaluations (which I may fill out anonymously) for promotional purposes online and in print.

In the event of an Act of God, National Emergency, or Pandemic which forbids instructor from holding an in-person training,  educator will offer an online training option or will allow student to transfer to a different in-person training date/location within 12 months of the original training date without penalty or transfer fees. Failure of student to either take advantage of the online training option or transfer to a different date/location will result in forfeiture of funds paid by student.

By registering and paying for this training, I understand that there are no refunds for this training. If student cannot attend this training, all funds will be held for the 12 months to be applied to a future training taught by Darla Burns. To transfer to another training, I understand that I will need to pay a $50 transfer fee. If you fail to transfer to another training within 12 months and fail to pay the $50 transfer fee, all funds will forfeited. There are no refunds.


  • I understand that I may not record the training workshop (audio or video). 

  • I understand that I may not photograph any PowerPoint slides, training materials, certificates of completion or any other intellectual property belonging to CAPPA or the trainer. 

  • I may take photographs during the training only with the express permission of the trainer and the participants. No photographs may be used for advertising purposes, nor sold or transferred to any other party.

  • I may not reproduce, publish or distribute any materials in the training manual.

  • I may not reproduce, publish, photograph, share, email, or distribute any materials in the training binder (handouts) other than for the purpose of using them for my personal business as a postpartum doula. 

  • I understand that this course is only one step in becoming a CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula.  There are several other steps that must be completed by the student after the training in order to be eligible for certification by CAPPA.

  • I understand that I must complete and return the Pre-Training Assignment to the instructor via email or US mail no less than 7 days before the first day of the training.

  • I understand that I must enroll in CAPPA Academy after completing my in-person training, to complete my certification. CAPPA Academy is an online certification component, where I can receive step-by-step instructions on completing my certification, download the necessary forms for certification, take my multiple choice and essay exams. I understand that I only have access to CAPPA Academy for 2 years from the date of training and I must be a CAPPA member in order to have access to CAPPA Academy.

  • I understand that I must attend ALL days of the training.  If I miss any portion of the training, I will not receive a certificate of attendance and/or Contact Hours.

  • I understand that my training/fees are non-transferable to another student.

  • A certificate of attendance will be given only if I attend and fully participate in the entire training and the training fees are paid in full.

  • I understand that due to the intense nature of the class and out of respect for the other students, no babies/children are allowed in the classroom during instruction time. Nursing babies may be brought to mom to nurse during breaks and/or lunch. 

  • I understand that using the titles CLD or CAPPA Certified Labor Doula (or any variation thereof) prior to officially earning my certification from CAPPA will result in being disqualified from being certified.

  • I understand that I must be at least 18 years old to attend a training and get certified as a CAPPA Labor Doula

Age (all students must be at least 18)
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I agree to the Rules and Conditons. I understand there are no refunds. I understand I must submit payment to reserve my seat.
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Thanks for submitting, remember to pay for your registration!

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