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A Doula is a valued member of your birth and postpartum team, a professional resource for expectant and new families available to help make this pregnancy and parenting journey one of your most empowered memories.

Doulas have supported other women during the childbirth and the postpartum period for centuries.

A Birth Doula (also known as a Childbirth Assistant, Labor Support Professional, Birth Assistant or Birth Companion) is a person who provides continuous emotional, physical and informational support during the conception period, pregnancy, labor, birth and immediately after the arrival of your newborn(s).

A Postpartum Doula provides additional support once you arrive home with your newborn(s), they help you to find your rhythm as new parents by making sure you are eating and sleeping well.  We take care of the new parents so they can take care of their new baby(ies).

A Doula does NOT replace the partner or other family members.  Instead, they enhance the support they provide and allow them to provide care with confidence.  The Doula helps to take pressure off of the partner while setting you up for better outcomes; 

Statistics have proven that those who have Doula support will have shorter labors, fewer unnecessary interventions, less chance of an unnecessary cesarean, greater breastfeeding success and less postpartum mood disorders.

Dads/Partners or other support People, think of it this way.  If you ever played a contact support, musical instrument or learned a new job/career, did you ever do it without a Coach, Teacher or On the Job Trainer?  The answer is probably No, then don't birth without one either!  

Doula Trainings, Doulas attend an intensive workshop that is only the first step in their Doula certification process.  During their CAPPA Doula training they learn how to become professional Doulas who offer superior support to their clients with an extensive knowledge base.

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